Important Dates

January 15, 2023

ESF begins accepting applications for 2023/24 Fulltime Student Scholarships from Estonian candidates in their senior year in a USA high school and graduates of USA high schools

February 15, 2023

ESF begins accepting applications for 2023/24 Fulltime Student Scholarships from other Estonian candidates 

Our Scholarships

Fulltime Student Scholarship

The scholarship is intended for students of Estonian heritage studying full-time in a Bachelor or Master degree program at an accredited academic institution in the USA, Estonia or elsewhere.

Professional Development Scholarship

Available only to Estonian professionals working and residing in Estonia. (Deadline 3 months before the start of the program).

Project Applications

Available only to Estonian professionals and organizations for academic and/or cultural projects. (Deadline 4 months before the start of the project).

Scholarship for participation in the Forest University

Stipends for Estonians in the USA aged 18-35 to attend Metsaülikool in Ontario, Canada The stipend provides full fees for the week (which include food and study materials) and will be paid directly to Metsaülikool. Also, $100 toward travel expenses will be paid directly to the recipient at MÜ at the end of the week. Metsaülikool is an Estonian cultural immersion experience. Lectures and activities occur 100% in Estonian and your participation is strongly encouraged. While by no means does one need perfect Estonian -- and a great many do not -- everyone must commit to upholding this rule. Attendees are VERY supportive of “doing your best”, and will help in every way. Bring your friends and enjoy this special Estonian experience.